Underfloor Heating 
We are highly experienced in the installation, maintenance and repair of water-based underfloor heating. Water-based underfloor heating systems feed directly from your combi boiler and need to be installed or repaired by a qualified and experienced professional. 
But why choose underfloor heating for your home? Underfloor heating uses radiant heat technology to provide consistent and efficient warmth from the floor upwards. Conventional radiators powered by your gas combination boiler need to be heated to a temperature of around 70 degrees celsius to heat a room, whereas underfloor heating is only required to be at a temperature of 30 degrees to provide the same result. Not only that, radiators heat the air which is nearest to them, whereas with underfloor heating, heat rises from the entire floor area which means that there are no cold spots in a room. 
Why choose MBM Services for your water-based underfloor heating installation or repair? We have 15 years of experience of domestic and commercial installation and repair of water-based underfloor heating systems. Our Manchester plumbing and heating engineers are able to provide a bespoke underfloor heating design to suit the layout of your home and system requirements. 
We can install, maintain and repair water-based underfloor heating for your home in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. Give us a call and we can arrange a site visit to give you a no obligation quote. 
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