Hot Water Cylinders 
Do you need a new hot water cylinder? Give us a call today to discuss your needs.  
Although many homes have hot water heated by a combination boiler, homes with electric heating systems or a high demand for hot water require a hot water cylinder. 
There are two main types of cylinder which we can install - vented or unvented.  
But which one is best for you? 
Unvented hot water heaters are an increasingly popular choice for customers and are especially practical for people living in apartments. Unvented cylinders do not require a feed and expansion tank and therefore take up less space, which is perfect for smaller living spaces.  
The most notable difference from vented systems is that unvented hot water cylinders are sealed as there is no vent pipe to release build up of unwanted pressure. As such, there are certain requirements to ensure that pressure can be released and so that the temperature of stored water does not exceed 100 degrees. Installation is controlled by part G3 of the Building Regulations and should only be installed by someone who has a specific unvented cylinder qualification. 
Our Manchester Plumbing and Heating engineers are qualified to install and repair unvented hot water cylinder systems. We are also able to install and repair all aspects of vented systems, including the feed and expansion tanks. Our expert team provides a reliable service. We have years of experience of hot water cylinder installation and have fitted a large number of cylinders in apartments in Manchester City Centre. 
Our office team can book in your appointment to suit your timings and our qualified engineers will be on time to your job, with as little disruption to your home as possible. Give us a call and we can advise you on the best solution for your needs. Most unvented hot water cylinder manufacturers recommend annual maintenance. We offer annual services and our professionals are able to sign off your service record. 
Give us a call to book in your service. 
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